Having first disrupted the global travel & hospitality Industry with our Pierre AI Mobile Hotel Concierge software platform, Pierre is now pleased to introduce Pierre AI Mobile Condo / Rental Concierge, our next major new North American business venture. Pierre’s industry innovations are now being brought to condominium and rental property builders/managers!

As with our Pierre AI Mobile Hotel Concierge, Pierre will now bring all the features and benefits to provide an “Enhanced Owner/Tenant Experience” to both condominiums and rental properties. 

Pierre Mobile Concierge software platforms utilize all the latest digital technologies such as AI, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, WiFi, Geofencing, Wireless and more.

Pierre’s affiliate partners already existing guest services such as Ride Sharing, Food Delivery, Pharmacy needs, Car Rental, Music/Sports Tickets, Wireless / WiFi / Geofencing, allow for seamless access to these conveniences for the rental community.

Pierre is currently in discussion with major corporations in the North American condo/rental industries to undertake installs of Pierre AI Mobile Condo/Rental Concierge.